A Tale from the Tour

It was a dark and stormy night – really it was!   One very determined group decided to venture out despite the threat of more rain.  We altered our normal schedule and began our walk up to the most haunted location in Phoenixville – the Library.  But along the way we stopped at one home where a ghost cat had been sited the year before.  (For more information on ghost cats be sure to take our tour on the Outer Banks!)    We encouraged the group to take pictures because we have had numerous orbs sitings here.  Within seconds a large cat appeared along the roof line, followed by a strange cloud like figure.  The group rapidly took pictures with their digital cameras. When we looked at the photos on our next stop, the strange figure was there, but no cat appeared in any of the photographs.177

Phoenixville Ghost Tours meet at the Pickering Creek Inn

About The Ghost Tours of Phoenixville

History and Mystery swirl along the darkened streets and Victorian Mansions on this 90 Minute walking tour through the most haunted borough in Pennsylvania. Reservation: 215.237.1166
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1 Response to A Tale from the Tour

  1. Kirsti says:

    Outstanding, complex and entertaining !
    It’s a 10!
    Thank you Andrea!

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